“I work for an OC hospital. I always wanted to live in the same county where I serve. I met Joseph in October of 2021. He came to show me a home in Aliso Viejo, from there, a two month journey of searching for my dream home started. He was very knowledgeable, listened to my needs and gave me the most valuable suggestions while submitting an offer. He was always there, every step of way, I was encouraged and guided through while making decisions. He was a great help in every way, especially in negotiating with sellers. I couldn’t have gotten my lovely home without Joseph’s advice, so excited and happy about the deal. I really appreciate his insights on community knowledge and current market trends. And I highly recommend Joseph to be anyone’s agent if he/she is searching for a new home”

“I met with Joe and he was really down to earth and works with a lot of first time buyers so I went with him. He was upbeat and positive! He held my hand through basically the whole process and was super responsive and helpful so I am glad I did. He was upbeat and positive!”